TLOT at Higher Ground Music Festival

Higher Ground Music Festival is annually held in Winstead, Minnesota.  This year the boys had a blast on the main stage!


Jarot Baby Shower

Lisa and Nate Jarot are welcoming a little boy, Carter James, into their beautiful home in St. Charles.  Kelly Skiles, the major orchestrator of thoughtful and blessed events, hired me to come record this monumental evening in their lives.


The Couples

TLOT at Ignite Festival

The Least of These played at Ignite Festival Chicago this year.  They had the opening slot for the whole weekend and they rocked the house!  People weren’t let in until just before they played, but when they came they were running.  TLOT has such devoted and loving fans :).

Rasmussen Family

My cousin, Dena, and her family took my mom and I in on our celebratory trip out to California this July.  We stayed with them while we were in San Francisco.  Also, while we were in San Francisco we went out on a photo shoot adventure with her whole family.  There was this reservoir not far from their house.  So, with a little bit of nature and a Northern Californian perfect evening we shot a string of photos that are bound to make you smile.

Sommer Family

While I was in California I also got to photograph this family.  Just father and son.  They were so perfectly good at being in front of the camera that it was just a joy on my end to enjoy their natural beauty.  Actually, the dad, Christian had been a model not too long ago so that also worked in my favor of course.  And, as if it could get any better, he chose the most gorgeous location to meet up for the shoot.  We were at this Catholic retreat center on the top of a large hill over looking the cute town of Danville nestled among the hills.  And, of course, the weather was perfect.  Just 75, not a drop of humidity, and not a cloud in the sky.  And our shoot was at “money hour,” just when the sun crosses past the harsh afternoon arch.  Obviously there was a lot working in my favor, and it was glorious.

Christian.  Luke.  You both were too fun to work with.  I was even smiling and laughing out loud all the way through my hours of editing today.  Might have sounded crazy to some neighbors since it’s finally nice enough here for my windows to be open ;).

Delaplane Family

I went to California for a couple weeks with my mom.  For part of the trip we stayed with my cousin Dena.  We decided to do a photo shoot with her family and she was sweet enough to excitedly pass the word along to her friends that I would be in the area.  When all was said and done I had three photo shoots booked with three different families.  The weather is so perfect there that I relished in the consistently natural beauty that was illuminated by the perfectly dry and warm weather.  The Delaplanes and I ventured to three locations during our two hour photo shoot:  their yard, a park, and the grandparent’s yard.  With one young one, Lucy, the change of scenery helped give us more smiles :).  It was a blessing to work with you guys!  I hope you enjoy what we created together!

Alyssa & Cory’s Wedding!

On July 16, 2011 Alyssa Danielson and Cory Carlson got married!  The wedding was up near my home town in MN at this gorgeous and eclectic inn.  The wedding was held at the church that Alyssa grew up in and the reception was in a tent at the inn.  The day progressed without a hitch… except the 120 degree weather.  But, despite the heat, of course everyone had fun and gave me great moments to record for Alyssa and Cory as they enter a new life together.  Thanks for choosing me to be such a big part of your day!  You both look truly happy together and I know you will be blessed!

First Look

On the party bus!

Wedding Items

The Newlyweds!