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Chicago + Kelsey

Just some fun memories while in Chicago with Kelsey, Josh, and Jesse 🙂


Heidi and Cliff’s Wedding

I have finally finished my photos from Heidi and Cliff’s wedding!  Their beautiful day is now ready for the world to see… just 3.5 days of work later :).  Their beautiful wedding was held near my home town in Minnesota.  With barns, a beautiful bridal party, a perfectly warm sunny day, a cute catholic church and a bean field we made it happen.

The bride walking to the “first look.”

Waiting for the ceremony to begin…

DA da da da!

The getaway car!

The reception was a grand party.  With just a couple stops at bars along the way the bride and groom arrived at the party for a pig roast.  Here, I heard the best Best Man speech yet accompanied by one of the coolest gift ideas I’ve seen in a while.  To start the evening off, Cliff’s grandma did the prayer.  The pig was dished and ready at the buffet for people to grab as they desired.  The toasts to follow that were ridiculously clever and hilarious.  I won’t even attempt to recap the brilliant Best Man speech but the groomsmen do need a preface.  The night before the wedding they set out to collect and purchase some items that the traditional wife would need.  At the reception they proceeded to take turns giving Heidi each of these gifts with a little story – something about sweeping up after the boys, having blueberry muffins ready for them when they come, and also remembering to have the spanking new toilet plunger on the ready after such muffins ;).  Such a blast!

Cake cutting = cake in face.

Great speeches + toasts = lots of laughing

Heidi and Cliff’s Wedding

from the lens of my dear assistant, Joshua Calhoun

Heidi and Cliff got married on a perfectly gorgeous August day near my home town in Minnesota.  Josh and I made the trip up a week previous for a big festival gig that he and the band had.  We spent the week with my family up in Lutsen, Minnesota then hit the ground running for that perfect wedding weather day.  The sun was brilliantly bouncing off an array of gorgeous clouds all day and the temperature at a dry 80 degrees.  The wedding party was a blast to work with and Heidi was full of creative ideas to supplement those of my assistant and I.

These shots arose from the artful eye of my dear assistant and husband, Josh.  I’ve made it through the full edit of his treasure trove of images and on to mine tomorrow :).

The first look… and husband to be waiting to see his bride for the first time 🙂


The wedding party!

The groom waiting on the ceremony…

The gorgeous home town Catholic church!

The big moment!

Time to party at the reception!


The first dance 🙂

Father and daughter.

Lutsen, Minnesota

A couple weeks ago Josh and I took a trip to Lutsen, MN with my family.  We spend a couple of nights at Eagle Ridge Resort.  We hiked the hills, went alpine sliding down them, ate Sven and Ole’s most delicious pizza, enjoyed an evening along the shores of the cute town of Grand Marais, rode the gondola down the mountain seconds before it was shut down for turbulence, and played an epic set of games of Uno with wine.

photos by Kaia and Josh 🙂

The beginning of a couple hour hike to the top of the hill for lunch at the Chalet.


Natural Discoveries

The Gondola!

Grand Marais

Gooseberry Falls

TLOT at Ignite Festival

The Least of These played at Ignite Festival Chicago this year.  They had the opening slot for the whole weekend and they rocked the house!  People weren’t let in until just before they played, but when they came they were running.  TLOT has such devoted and loving fans :).

Rasmussen Family

My cousin, Dena, and her family took my mom and I in on our celebratory trip out to California this July.  We stayed with them while we were in San Francisco.  Also, while we were in San Francisco we went out on a photo shoot adventure with her whole family.  There was this reservoir not far from their house.  So, with a little bit of nature and a Northern Californian perfect evening we shot a string of photos that are bound to make you smile.

Sommer Family

While I was in California I also got to photograph this family.  Just father and son.  They were so perfectly good at being in front of the camera that it was just a joy on my end to enjoy their natural beauty.  Actually, the dad, Christian had been a model not too long ago so that also worked in my favor of course.  And, as if it could get any better, he chose the most gorgeous location to meet up for the shoot.  We were at this Catholic retreat center on the top of a large hill over looking the cute town of Danville nestled among the hills.  And, of course, the weather was perfect.  Just 75, not a drop of humidity, and not a cloud in the sky.  And our shoot was at “money hour,” just when the sun crosses past the harsh afternoon arch.  Obviously there was a lot working in my favor, and it was glorious.

Christian.  Luke.  You both were too fun to work with.  I was even smiling and laughing out loud all the way through my hours of editing today.  Might have sounded crazy to some neighbors since it’s finally nice enough here for my windows to be open ;).