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Victoria Kueker

Victoria’s 31st anniversary is in early August and she decided to work with me to put together a stellar set of images to give her husband on their big day and for an inclusion in an anniversary party.  We were given the most gorgeous day of the summer and within a couple hours we came up with these winners among many more!



Jesse Rademacher

Josh and I hang out with Jesse every Tuesday.  Last week we decided to do a photo shoot out at this park-like area by his house before dinner and a movie together.  Our goal was to get him some photos to use with his work (he’s an artist and a designer).

Peter Briddell

Pete and I met at Starbucks about two years ago.  He quickly became a favorite customer because he was so kind and easy to talk to – not to mention a good friend to have as a cop and all ;).  His favorite thing to do though, I think to fluster me, was to have me choose what he would drink for the day.  I have one particular memory of him too.  Our store got a new manager.  She was very energetic, but also very emotional.  One day, she took her frustration out on me and that’s when Pete walked in.  I was crying, but he wouldn’t let me escape to the back room, not until he found out who brought me to tears.  I can’t remember exactly what he said to me but it was some form of standing up for me, so I let out an involuntary, wet grin and was able to put my chin back up.

I spent nine months at that store before I transferred to a new one so I didn’t get to see Pete again until we set up his photo shoot.  Personally, I think he has a perfect smile!  Thanks for the fun morning Pete!  It was a blast seeing you again!

Hannah Guge

Hannah Guge is a good friend of mine.  I happen to think she is quite a beauty, even on a sticky, muggy day 🙂

Abby Godwin

I took Abby around a few locations at Judson and we came up with these :).  I think she’s a natural beauty for the camera!

Mom and Dad Calhoun

May 21

My husband Josh and I were up in Milton, WI for our friend Phil Lawton’s wedding so of course we stayed with his parents.  They are on a bathroom remodeling adventure. I did a slightly candid photo shoot of their process in a series of fun-loving and genuine shots of parents I love dearly.