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Jarot Baby Shower

Lisa and Nate Jarot are welcoming a little boy, Carter James, into their beautiful home in St. Charles.  Kelly Skiles, the major orchestrator of thoughtful and blessed events, hired me to come record this monumental evening in their lives.


The Couples


Totushek Family

On Monday I had the privilage of taking pictures of the Totushek family.  Pete, the father, was a youth leader at my church while I was in middle school and high school.  Kelly joined the leadership team just before I graduated and the two of them were married not too long after she arrived.  It’s now been four years and I’ve graduated college, gotten married, and gotten a dog and they have gotten a dog and had two kids, a little boy, Aaron, and a little girl, Kenzie.  It was fun for me to be able to be a part of their beautiful family and to catch up with them.  Anyway, I hope you have as much fun looking at these photos as we did taking them!



On Sunday it was 100 degrees and I was scheduled to meet up with the Cooper family.  Olivia was due for a nap and Bella was unhappy that daddy wasn’t walking around with us.  Kids will be kids, but they also can’t help but be beautiful :).

Sophie and Josh

Josh and I went to our friend Phil Lawtons wedding this past weekend.  We were also invited to the rehearsal dinner since he and I were singing a special song for the ceremony.  Josh loves Sophia.

Sophie Kersten ~ Take 2

After the first try at a photo shoot with the kiddo we decided another round might suit well.  Sometimes babies just don’t want their picture taken you know? 🙂

Sophie Kersten ~ Take 1

This weekend I went up to MN to be with my mom on her 50th birthday.  On my way back down I stopped for a photo shoot with Nick and Brit’s new baby, Sophie.  The photo shoot only lasted a little while though because, well, babies will be babies :).  We’re going to try again in a few weeks to see if we can’t get some more shots of the little peanut.

Babies are Beautiful

Christmas time is here!  My husband is in a band, The Least of These, and we consider all of the guys and their families a part of our family.  In that case, two babies entered our family in 2010, Savannah Calhoun and Norah Blascoe.