Peter Briddell

Pete and I met at Starbucks about two years ago.  He quickly became a favorite customer because he was so kind and easy to talk to – not to mention a good friend to have as a cop and all ;).  His favorite thing to do though, I think to fluster me, was to have me choose what he would drink for the day.  I have one particular memory of him too.  Our store got a new manager.  She was very energetic, but also very emotional.  One day, she took her frustration out on me and that’s when Pete walked in.  I was crying, but he wouldn’t let me escape to the back room, not until he found out who brought me to tears.  I can’t remember exactly what he said to me but it was some form of standing up for me, so I let out an involuntary, wet grin and was able to put my chin back up.

I spent nine months at that store before I transferred to a new one so I didn’t get to see Pete again until we set up his photo shoot.  Personally, I think he has a perfect smile!  Thanks for the fun morning Pete!  It was a blast seeing you again!

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